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What if I'm not a rapid responder? As I have said repeatedly here on my website, most of our patients are classified as rapid responders. But of course as hard as we try to fix the foundation of all our patients as rapidly as possible, some patients just simply respond more quickly than others. I wish I could tell you for sure why some people respond rapidly and others don't, but no one can say for certain. What I have found and observed in my 20+ years of correcting spines is that the degree of spinal decay or permanent tissue damage in the spine before treatment begins probably is a major determining factor. See as we have stated already, poor spinal structure equals a poor core or foundation for the spine, this leads to excessive stress on the muscles, ligaments, discs and joints of the spinal column.

This in turn, leads to spinal decay.
Another way of thinking about spinal decay is that it produces permanent structural tissue damage in the spinal foundation. If the spine has substantial permanent structural damage, it is much more difficult to correct it. In some cases it may not be correctable at all! That is why we believe so strongly in a plan of spinal correction, not simply treating the symptoms. Once permanent tissue damage has occurred, complete spinal correction is not possible. Partial spinal correction can usually be obtained even with advanced spinal decay. We can predict quite accurately those patients who will be rapid responders, but we can't do it until after the fourth visit.

Figure 16: The image on the left above is before treatment. The middle images is after spinal correction and ligament remodeling. The image on the right is six months later demonstrating that with proper correction and ligament remodeling long term results are possible.

Figure 17: Scar tissue is initially laid down in a random manner which is weak and susceptible to re-injury (above left), with proper care scar tissue will remodel and organize making it stronger and more resistant to re-injury (above right). Our spinal correction methods help with this.

What if I’m not a rapid Responder?

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