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Figure 18. Above is a coronal MRI of the pelvis and lower back. This illustrates the muscles and how they support the pelvis. Abnormal pull or tension will distort the pelvis which is the foundation o f the spine. We use muscle alignment technique to stabilize the spinal foundation, which strengthens the core.

Figure 19. The muscles work like supporting cables on a ship’s mast, holding the spine straight and aligned.

You simply are not going to change the core of the body unless you correct the spine and address the muscles that support it.  We use a very sophisticated muscle therapy technique called Muscle Alignment Technique to reset the muscles sporting the spine. By correcting the spine and the muscles supporting it, we are able to bring about rapid correction of a poor spinal core. This allows the body to heal much faster than was thought possible. Following the treatment plan until soft tissue remodeling has been achieved and scar tissue has reorganized gives you the best chance at long lasting relief.

Take one last look at the patients pictured above. They are fairly typical of the results seen at our office. There is no reason you can't achieve similar results. It would be a shame if you spent your time and money on treatment that merely masks your symptoms and failed to offer correction of your problem. The choice is yours. Call our appointment center leave a message and a very friendly person will call you back to answer your questions or to make you an appointment. Call now....

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