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It is our opinion that it is virtually impossible to obtain long lasting pain relief unless and until t a patient's core foundation (the spine) is corrected. Anything less will likely lead to a temporary fix and the need for repeated and recurring treatments. Failure to correct the spinal core is why symptoms recur and patients need to be treated repeatedly. Failure to correct the spinal core is why many chiropractors get accused of having patients return for visits again-and-again. They just never truly fixed the problem, the spinal core. Don’t let this happen to you!

Your hips and pelvis make up the foundation of your spine. Your spine is the core foundation for your entire body. If you have misalignments and a poor pelvic foundation, your entire core will be stressed. Just like problems in the foundation of a building will lead to stress and failure of the structure above the foundation, poor spinal structure and misalignment of the pelvis will cause problems throughout the entire spine. The spine or your core, sits upon the pelvis which is the foundation of the spine. Take a look at the patients to the right. They had been seen by a number of other doctors before she consulted with our office. It didn't take me long to see why they weren’t getting any long term relief despite years of treatment. Can you see how distorted their pelvis is?

Figure 7. A poor foundation will stress everything above it, leading to eventual failure.

Figure 8. A proper system can restore the foundation and the spine above it to proper alignment. Optimal spinal structure is the key to long lasting relief of neck and back pain.

Long lasting Pain Relief Should Be One of Your Treatment Goals

Your spine is the core foundation for your entire body.

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