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Acupuncture: Does it hurt? No! Can it take away the pain?    Absolutely!

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Nutrition & Herbs: Is your diet causing your health troubles? How would know? Have you been tested? What if reducing food sensitivity could solve your health problems?

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Neural Modulation: The most encouraging technique for treating tough neurological conditions is called neural modulation.  We developed new techniques based on HVG and acupuncture.  Learn more  >>>

Our doctors have been using acupuncture on their patients for a combined total of over 35 years. With this extensive experience and the knowledge gained from helping thousands of patients with acupuncture over the years, our doctors our the “go-to” acupuncturists in the Litchfield Park Area.  Call them and find out how they can help you. 623.547.4727

We practice science based nutrition. This means we look at your blood work and other diagnostic tests to determine your nutritional needs. Is the money you spend on vitamins and supplements really making you healthy? Your improved blood chemistry will show you that our nutritional therapy methods work!    623.547.4727

The most advanced functional neurology based therapies are called neural modulation. These techniques are safe simple and truly exciting techniques to produce great results for our patients. Check them out.