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Next consider the equipment the doctor has available to treat your condition. Is it new and state-of-the-art, or does it look like he bought it at an estate sale? Advanced techniques require modern technology. You can't have one without the other.  We utilize an innovative form of spinal decompression, which makes non-surgical treatment of slipped discs, spinal stenosis and pinched nerves an effective alternative to pain clinics, drugs injections and even surgery.


This is where our office truly excels. It all starts by improving and strengthening your foundation, your overall spinal structure. We've spent the last 20 years refining our techniques of spinal correction and they produce some amazing results. Take a look at the various spinal distortion in the top illustration to the right. Your spine will be much less susceptible to injury, heal faster after injury and resist the wear and tear of aging if it is properly aligned. It  simply is not possible to produce long lasting pain relief if the overall spinal structure is weak and distorted like in the picture. So if you want meaningful long term results, you must address your foundation. Your core is your foundation for good health and optimal function. You hear a lot of talk about your “core”. The center of your core is your spine. Because just like a house, if your body is built on a poor foundation, it won't hold up well and will need constant and repeated repair. Endless repeated treatments should not be your goal. It is not our goal for you in our office either. We want to strengthen your foundation so you feel better quickly and stay better longer. And we have developed a system for correcting a poor spinal foundation like no other.

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Figure Three The patient above complained of upper back and neck pain. As you can see she was well on her way to a “granny’s hump”. Can you see how our system was able to correct her abnormal spinal structure?

Figure Two There are many configurations of the spine, but only 1 is normal, optimal or the  ideal structure.

How about the goal of long lasting relief?

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