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The woman in this picture is an actual patent from our office. Notice how our innovative technique of spinal correction changed her from poor spinal structure to excellent spinal structure. Now any doctor can search his files to find that one special case. Not our office. When we tell you we have developed a system to improve the foundation of your spine, we mean it! In fact the pictures contained in this website are actual patients from our office. I blurred out their faces to protect their privacy. You can expect similar results from our methods. Take a look because, seeing is believing.

Figure 4. Excellent Spinal Correction after Treatment with our methods

So how exactly does strengthening your core foundation (in other words improving your spinal structure), accelerate healing, increase performance and help you resist the wear and tear of aging? Take a look at the illustration to the right. It shows a very common problem seen in patients. Notice that the women in the illustration carries her head forward or anterior to her shoulders. There are many names for this; some people might simply call this poor posture, it is also known as forward head carriage, anterior head syndrome and many other names. The truth of the matter is that it is a recognized medical condition called cervico-cranial syndrome by the American Medical Association. (Cervico = neck, cranial = head, thus the neck-head syndrome). Now you might ask yourself what's the big deal, it looks like poor posture, why make a federal case out of it? That is a good question. Refer back to the illustration. Did you know that your head weights as much as a bowling ball? It's true that the average head weighs 8-12 pounds or as much as a typical bowling ball.         
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Figure 5. The human head weighs as much as a bowling ball. If the head is carried too far anterior to the spine, the muscles must support its weight. This causes knots or trigger points to form in the over-worked shoulder and neck muscles. Without adequate correction of this spinal deformity, long term relief of upper back, neck and shoulder pain is virtually impossible.

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