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How long will it take? With the innovative techniques of spinal correction that we pioneered, most of our patients can see visible improvement in their core foundation in a very short period of time. Using our specialized treatment techniques the patient pictured to the right of this page was able to make the dramatic changes you see in just four visits. In fact, we expect visible improvement in our patients within the first four visits. So when you decide to become a patient in our office, expect to be seen 4 times within the first week. You should also expect to feel better and see visible improvement in your spinal core in about that period of time.

What happens after the 4th visit? After four visits we will be able to categorize you as either a rapid responder or a non-rapid responder. Thankfully most of our patients fall into the rapid responder category. Rapid responders typically are feeling better and show visible improvement in their spinal core after just 4 treatment sessions. That doesn't mean they are completely well after 4 visits, just they notice significant improvement. It means that they have much less pain and their spinal structure has moved towards normal.

Scientific studies have determined the "best dose" of chiropractic care that leads to maximum improvement for patients who are in pain. The studies suggest that patients should be treated 12-16 times in the first month of care. This dose of chiropractic care leads to more patients improving and with greater improvement than from any other schedule of care.

Figure 12. Before a permanent correction is possible, the spinal ligaments must be remodeled into their new shape.

Figure 13: The main ligaments of the spine are 1. the anterior longitudinal ligament, 2. the posterior longitudinal ligament, 3. the ligamentum flavum and 4. The interspinous ligament. These structures must be remolded for long term postural change can  take place.

Rapid alignment of abnormal spinal structure is often possible with the spinal correction techniques we pioneered

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