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Knowing that the pelvis is the foundation of the spine and that the spine is the core of the body, can you guess why she had poor results with the other doctors? It's not too hard to see that the problem is in her spinal foundation, her pelvis. It is causing the spine above to twist and distort. This is placing great strain on her muscles and joints and creating pain that keeps coming back. Can we fix a poor spinal foundation and strengthen the spinal core? Take a look at the woman pictured to the right. She is another patient that had tried other forms of traditional chiropractic care before she came to our office. Her first picture shows how distorted her core and foundation were even after multiple treatments using ordinary chiropractic care. Is it any wonder she merely obtained temporary relief using methods that failed to correct her abnormal spinal structure? The second photo is after we applied our methods of spinal correction to her poor foundation. With her core foundation restored to normal she has had long lasting pain relief.

Take a look at the pictures of the woman to the right. How do you think she felt when she came to our office with the spinal structure (in her picture on the left ~before)? Do you think she felt better and functioned better after we corrected her spine (after)? But she doesn't just feel better and look better on the outside. See, poor spinal core structure leads to abnormal wear and tear on the muscles, bones and joints of the spine. We call this accelerated aging or spinal decay. Take a look at the middle illustration. On the left is a degenerated joint. Because the joint had poor alignment, wear and tear has damaged it. Notice how the cartilage is worn out and ragged (yellow arrow). Keeping your body in good alignment will help to prevent this type of spinal joint decay. Now look at the cartilage between the well aligned bones (green arrow), see how the cartilage has been preserved and how plump and healthy it remains?    

So the question is, how do you wish to age? You do have a choice.

Before       After

Figures 9-11 above: Proper alignment doesn’t just look better, it may slow down spinal degeneration and decay! (see text for details)

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